◊ Easter Sunday & Chirstmas Eve Mass at the Vatican ◊

Easter Masses & Christmas Eve Masses are traditionally celebrated at St Peter's Basilica.
Capacity is limited and it can be very hard sometimes to get tickets for these events so you must book far in advance, no less than 2 months usually.
Reservation Procedure:
The best way to get your ticket for Easter Sunday and Christmas Mass at the Vatican is to send your request (via email, post or fax) directly to the Vatican between 6 to 2 months in advance.
If the number of your request is not very large, lets say a family numbering 2-6 tickets you will have a better chance of getting your tickets.
The Vatican will then reply notifying you that they have received your request and where to take the acceptance letter to the Vatican to collect tickets.
They do not post the tickets to your house, or send via email, all tickets must be collected from the Prefecture office in the Vatican.
There you will either receive your tickets or a letter to say there was not enough availability.

The smaller the number of tickets requested the higher the chance of having your request granted so we suggest don't book extra tickets unnecessarily.

If you order a large number of tickets such a group or more than 10 tickets we recommend you to send the request together with a letter of your parish or some authority of the church.

Tickets are collected at the Preffetura Vaticana located just after the "Bronze Doors" at St Peter's Basilica normally from 5-4 days days before the event from 8am till 6 or 7pm depending if it's winter or summer. You will be provided with details of when and how to collect your tickets by the Vatican.

Tickets are entirely FREE!


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download the request form.

Request forms must be sent directly to the Prefecture of the Papal Houshold:
Post : Prefecture of the Papal Household
Vatican City State, 00120

Email : ordinanze@pontificalisdomus.va

Fax: +39 06 6988 5863

Click on the Right Icon to Download a .PDF Ticket Request Form:

You can collect your tickets directly from the Swiss Guards in St. Peter's Square at the "Bronze Door" from 8am till 8pm Summer Time - 8am till 7pm Winter Time.

Papal Audiene Ticket Collection