◊ Papal Audience Tickets FREE in St. Peter's Square ◊

If you need less than 10 tickets you can normally pick up tickets without a reservation from the Swiss Guards at the "Bronze Doors" located just after security at St Peter's Basilica.
Hours are from 8am-6.30pm Summertime and 8am - 6pm Wintertime You can usually collect tickets 1, 2 or 3 days in advance (not sooner) for the papal audience/mass with the pope subject to availability without a reservation.
If you prefer to pre-book tickets and If you need more than 10 ticket you will need to make a reservation in advance you can contact the Vatican offices, click on The Icon at the right to download a form:
You will be provided with details of when and how to collect your tickets by the Vatican or if it is short notice again the tickets should be picked up from the Vatican Offices located at the Bronze Doors. Papal Audience
Papal Audience Tickets are entirely FREE!


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For more information contact Prefecture of the Papal Household:

Prefecture of the Papal Household
00120 Vatican City State
Fax: +39 06 6988 5863

Click on the Right Icon to Download a .PDF Ticket Request Form:

You can collect your tickets directly from the Swiss Guards in St. Peter's Square at the "Bronze Door" from 8am till 8pm Summer Time - 8am till 7pm Winter Time.

Papal Audiene Ticket Collection